Montana Certification is a combination of experience and education.  The annual institute counts as part of the education requirements.  There are other ways to earn education credits.

The experience credits are earned from time in the job, being on association committees or boards, attendance at conferences, receiving an award from the various associations, receiving a national certification, holding a position on a local committee or board that uses the skills that you use in your job.

Graduating from the annual Institute does not mean that you are certified.


The Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers and Finance Officers Association Executive Board and Education Committee have established the Montana Certification Program. The Montana Certification Program recognizes both education and experience, with the emphasis on education.


Certified Montana Municipal Clerk

Certified Montana Municipal Finance Officer

Certified Montana Municipal Clerk/Treasurer.


Applicant must be a duly elected or appointed clerk, treasurer, clerk/treasurer, finance Officer, administrative assistant or a deputy or assistant clerk, treasurer, or clerk/treasurer, in/or dealing with the office of clerk, treasurer, or clerk/treasurer or other principal officer in the municipality, who is charged with the performance or supervision of one or more of the following responsibilities: preparation of the agendas/minutes, records management, administration of oaths of office, document certification, investments, debt or treasury activities. “Municipality” includes any and all governmental entities.

Applicant must have been an “Active” member of Montana Municipal Clerks, Treasurers & Finance Officers Association for:

(a) at least twenty-four months immediately before applying for certification.

(b) at the time of application.

(c) at the time of approval



100 points are required to become certified. The total points are a combination of education and experience points.


A non-refundable fee of Sixty dollars ($60.00) shall accompany the application.

The application fee will be waived for the second submission if the first attempt at certification is unsuccessful. The fee includes application processing, certification plaque, pin, and press release.


The application is to be filed with the education committee chairperson. The application must be submitted to the Education Committee by ____September 15______ of each year.   The Education Committee will review the application. The committee will approve or disapprove the applicant for certification. The Education Committee chair will notify the MMCT&FOA President of the decision. The applicant will be notified by letter of the education committee’s decision. The Certification Awards will be presented at the annual institute in May. In the event the applicant cannot attend the annual institute the award will be mailed.

Supporting documentation of education and experience must be submitted with the application.

You can download the application by clicking here.


A candidate whose application is not approved by the MMCT&FOA Certification Committee shall be notified of the Committee’s decision and the necessary steps needed to be taken in order to receive the credential. Should the candidate disagree with Committee’s ruling and recommendation on how to earn the necessary points for certification, the candidate may appeal the Committee’s decision. The appeal must be sent in writing within thirty (30) days of notification of the Committee’s decision to chairperson of the MMCT&FOA Education Committee. The Chair, within thirty (30) days, shall reconsider the circumstances and reverse the decision or submit the appeal to the MMCT&FOA Education Committee and the Executive Board for final determination.


Past graduates of MMCT&FOA Institutes are eligible to become certified.

Submit application for certification, supporting documentation and fee.

The applicant must document continuing education and experience from the time of graduation from institute. 10 educational points must have been earned within the past twenty-four months.


A participant may choose the Montana Track in conjunction with the IIMC or APT tracks.

If the participant plans to apply for IIMC or APT certification, you cannot move between tracks, as each track has been designed to meet the requirements of the national certification program.

If a participant chooses to apply for Montana Certification only, you may move between tracks as the need fits your position.

If a participant plans to apply for IIMC certification you must follow the IIMC track for 3 years.

If a participant plans to apply for APT certification you must follow the APT track for 3 years.

The Miscellaneous track if for those participants not planning to apply for IIMC or APT certification or for those participants who already have the IIMC or APT or Montana certifications and are seeking renewal credits.

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